Olomana Peeks

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Yesterday I hiked the Olomana Trail with my friends. There are 3 peeks on the whole hike and we climbed each one. It was a major adrenaline rush as there was some rock climbing involved that I have never done before!

The weather, apart from being extremely muggy (due to the recent passing of hurricane Darby), was perfect for us…aka no rain! I hope you enjoy these few photos from my adventure!

xo dré

An Ode to Summer


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I love you summer!

xo dré


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I Cheated


I cheated. It’s true. But I don’t feel completely horrible because I only half cheated.

One of my resolutions for 2016 was to not color my hair for the entire year. The good news is I made it 8 months! But I finally reached my brink! Matrix came out with new Watercolors in their ColorSync line of hair color and I could not resist.

I mixed Coral Peach and Quartz Pink and diluted my mixture with clear, and applied it only to my prelightened hair. So you see, I did amp up my color, but I didn’t touch my natural hair!  My virgin hair is still virgin, and so my hair journey for the year continues.

I love how the color has a rose gold feel to it and compliments my Pisces nail polish from Julep.  It seems it was meant to be.

Like it?

xo dré

Independence Day

image5c63cbcc26bfb94492fa841ae24d82549c64cbbb1d2c423f6e3af40de7dfa567f7d8be935f8b5bc41f8bac16206290e0055e101f7c9db90e189d030b3bb3756acffa7f3706fe58ee86c3c5f042d07705f3ce0b83cc14a9c103c111de33584926 Happy 4th everyone! I’m so proud to be an American! I’m headed to Kailua Beach with my family for the day, prepped with food, floaties, and sunscreen. I hope you all have a great day!

xo dré


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