Flight of Feather is everything that inspires me: the art of fashion, hair, and beauty. My restless spirit that craves adventure finds stability through these outlets of creativity.

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 11 years, working both at Gene Juarez, the largest chain of 5 star salons in the United States, and as a freelance stylist, now based in Honolulu. Styling hair for shoots as well as Seattle Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week have been some of my favorite moments as a stylist. I can’t wait to share my hair tricks and inspiration with you!

When I’m not styling hair, I’m playing dress-up, both on the streets and the runway. I’ve walked in 3 seasons of Vancouver Fashion Week, making into vogue.com.uk. My personal style is partly drawn from some of the very looks I’ve been given to walk in. I love taking risks with my wardrobe, and I hope that you’re able to glean some inspiration from it for yourself.

Welcome to my adventure.



” Where feathers fall, angels tread and gypsies roam.”


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where feathers fall angels tread and gypsies roam