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My Christmas Dress

Hi loves! Life has been a little crazy for me lately, so I apologize for being MIA, but I’m back!

I’m soooo excited that Christmas time is upon us. It’s my most favorite time of the year (cue the music). Last weekend, my family and I kicked off the start of December by going to the Honolulu City Lights parade and took full advantage of the food trucks and rides for my babes. If you want to catch a peek of what Honolulu looks like around Christmas time, you can get a glimpse here.

On Sunday, my husband had his company Christmas party. I wore this plaid slip dress which made me feel perfectly festive. Needless to say, I’m pretty obsessed with it, and I’m looking forward to all the different ways that I can style it.

xo dré


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| dress: Zara | heels: ( similar )( similar ) | bag: Sole Society |

Winter Blues and Mermaid Hues

img_8856 img_8898 img_8896 img_8899 img_8897

Happy Monday loves!

My parents came to visit me this last week, so I made sure to take advantage of my momma’s hair skills while she was here, and got her to give me a mini makeover. My hair had faded out, and I was slipping deeper and deeper into a hair slump. She gave me a blue hue that I had been coveting for a while, with Matrix Watercolors.

My new look reflects my inner mermaid spirit and matches the ocean I’m surrounded by. What do you think?

xo dré

Rose Gold

img_8087 img_8287 img_8309 img_8188 img_8291 img_8310 img_8292 img_8214 img_8221 img_8293Last weekend I went to San Francisco to model for the Matrix show with Tabatha Coffey. I had been letting my hair grow without coloring any of the new hair for almost 11 months, so I was pretty excited for a change.

As it turns out, the artists at the show liked my rose gold hair from a couple months ago so much, that they decided to give me a spin off of that color. I think it’s perfect for this pumpkin spice season 🙂

What do you think of my color? Let me know in the comments below!

xo dré


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| cold shoulder dress: similar | heels: similar | watch:  Marc by Marc Jacobs |

Never Grow Up

image image image image image

Just a little magic and a  bit of sparkle for your weekend <3

“All it takes is faith and trust…and a little bit of pixie dust. Now, think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings!”

xo dré

May Beauty Faves

Happy Humpday! I’ve got some amazing beauty products to share with you this month, so let’s get to them!

  1. Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Back. Matrix has been killing it this year with their products. Being that I already was in love with the Style Link product line, I was eager to get my hands on their new mineral products. This dry shampoo has a great feel to it, as well as easy application and a wonderful smell!
  2. Circle of Friends Chocolate Shampoo. If you have kids (or you’re a kid at heart) this product line is so fun! I want to highlight this particular product because I’m so impressed with it’s performance on my children’s crazy curly hair. They love it because it smells like chocolate pudding, and I love it because of the incredible shine and control it gives their hair.
  3. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. I recently came across this eye cream and from the first time I sampled it, I was hooked. The texture feels amazing and I love how it makes my eyes look! I also like wearing it during the day. My makeup lays really nicely over it.
  4. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. A few weeks ago I saw a video posted by Kandee Johnson about this foundation. Take a look at it and you’ll see why I was instantly sold! I purchased it as soon as I could and I’ve been loving it! Thanks Kandee!


Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Backcircle_of_friends_klunie_s_chocolate_2-in-1_shampoo-10_oz._500x500

Circle of Friends Chocolate ShampooMidnight_Recovery_Eye_3605975086881_0.5fl.oz._Box_alt2

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eyes1674589-main-zoom

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

xo  dré

Manis and Seashells

20160514_180612 20160514_181641 20160514_18122720160514_181048

Happy Mani Monday! I’m so excited to share my fab mani that I got done over the weekend! It was the Mother’s Day gift I was wanting, coffin nails! I’m seriously obsessed with them!!

The bracelet that I’m wearing was hand crafted by one of my friends that lives on Maui. She goes diving for shells and then makes these fab bracelets and rings. It’s pretty much been part of my daily attire lately. If you need a bracelet (or ten) like mine, you can send inquiries to Bree Rubin here.

Have a great week loves!

xo dré

April Beauty Faves: At Home Spa

Hi loves! I’ve been really excited to share my beauty faves this month!

Early last month, I saw an ad in my email for Victoria’s Secret Weightless Body Oil. I was instantly intrigued. The timing was perfect because I had just received a birthday coupon from the store, so what better time to try it out when I could get it for free!

When I got to the store, I realized that there were other products that went along with the oil, and got suckered into getting everything by one of the very helpful beauty stockers. He explained that the whole system was meant to go together to create an at-home spa experience. I was sold. I could hardly wait to get home and pamper myself.

You start with the Smoothing Scrub Wash, which isn’t a super aggressive scrub, but you can feel the beads as is gently exfoliates. Rinse. Next, you use the Ultrarich Cream Wash, which feels soooo incredibly soft on your skin! It’s meant to put the moisture back into your skin after exfoliating, and feels like a lotion/conditioner, but it’s rich and lathery at the same time. Bottom line: Uh-mazing. After you’ve rinsed and gotten out of the shower, apply the Hydrating Body Lotion and then follow up with the Weightless Body Oil. Your skin feels so silky! I often put the Weightless Body Oil on while my skin is still a bit damp, and then put the Hydrating Body Lotion on later.

I never really associated Victoria’s Secret with phenomenal body care, but these products blew me away! I’m hooked. I have to make note that my absolute faves of the 4 products are the Ultrarich Cream Wash and the Weightless Body Oil, just in case you want to be choosey and only try a couple. The scent collections include: Rose, Shea, Coconut Milk, Acai, Passionflower, Bergamot, and Verbena.


Victoria’s Secret Body Care

Go treat yourself to an at-home spa experience and let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

xo dré

Put a Nail in the Coffin

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Happy Mani Monday!

I’m currently crushing on these coffin nails…majorly. Let’s hope my husband reads my post and treats me with an appointment to get some for Mother’s Day! LOL!

What do you think of this nail shape? Love it or hate it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

xo dré


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5 Ways to Help Grow Out Your Hair

Growing your hair out. I think it’s safe to say that most girls have gone through this dreadful process at least once in their lives. You get an adorable pixie or short bob and everything is all fine and dandy until you decide that once again want long flowing locks.

The good news for you is I am a pro when it comes to going from short to long, as I have done it numerous times, and I’m going to tell you how you can do it without going bored out of your mind!

  1. Play with different styles.

While your hair is growing, it can get really boring looking at the exact same shape every single day. By playing with different braids, ponytails, buns, and twists, you’ll be able to bring your creative side out and help pass the time.

5b67365fd334f8b14602191953023111aeb462be4c0a583c14a14af317ff2205fe74d438c96cbf95325dc4d31b18a3a12. Play with color.

Tired of having dishwater brown hair? Add some light pieces! Feel like you need more depth? Richen up that color!  If you’re a blonde already and you’re feeling bold, why not put a temporary vivid color over the top? With color you feel good about, it will make having that in-between length hair so much better. Just make sure not to make too drastic of a color choice that you would want to change again soon. Coloring your hair too much can result in enough damage that you’ll end up having to cut what you just grew!


3. Add bangs.

This one has been a life saver for me on more than one occasion. For those of you that are obsessed with cutting your hair but are desperately trying not to touch the length or again if you’re just bored out of your mind, bangs give a completely different look to any style. And the best part is you can decide how aggressive you want to be with them. Long, short, heavy, blunt, piecey, there are so many options!









4. Have an inspiration board.

This is key for those moments you’re weak. Your friend just got a really cute cut, or your favorite celebrity just chopped her hair. It’s hair and it grows. I’m not going to stop you if you want to change your mind. BUT if you’re really trying to commit yourself, having a board to refer to just might be the reminder you need that long braids, ponys, and beachy waves can soon be yours.


5. Play with your makeup and wardrobe.

One of my favorite things about hair is that by changing it, you can completely transform your look. So what do you do when you can’t change it? Switch up your makeup and your clothes. Wearing fun mascara or a bold lip can more than distract from blah hair! Clothing too! Go more bold with your style. Try a new look you’ve been dying try. You’ll be surprised that by making that extra effort to dress up your face and wardrobe, your hair is ok taking the backseat for the moment.


Do you have any tips that get you through a grow-out phase? Let me know in the comments below!

xo dré


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Top Haircut Trends for 2016

57db2df09b15fd65a9ef5ccd63ae0aa6 497d0fb33d512543e6c201c2151e4eca 4898ce969abd6a9e8d4075e1a18429c3 aca717a161314f1e1354ec6937f9d5d3 b739be03ef094312b862d8b36ba2801c b2173992c3c7dddcca3c84c0cdf5d1bd dfb10af3273068dc443960f5988f889ae3eda8488178353353a9c36d6d6614df da39f4ddeccc97422ba795a31dc24b0eee6b45ba9a17de23b965debc87828f56Alexa Chung - February 14, 2016 - The Deep End Club First Collection Launch Party Hosted by Alexa Chung held at 156 1st Ave, NYC. (Photo by Presley Ann/PMC) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

2016 hair styles all have one thing in common: TEXTURE. Whether your hair is long or short, texture is where it’s at.  Most of the cuts you’re seeing have textured piecey layers, framing, or bangs. But even for the blunt lobs that are out there, tousled waves are keeping them with the trend.

There is also a big 70’s influence in hair right now which I’m loving. Middle parts and shaggy layers are very prominent.  I’ve been playing with a middle part again now that my hair has gotten longer, and I even did a little cutting on myself over the weekend! I’ll be sure to share my updated hair with you soon!

Which of these cuts is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! I may even have the chance to make some of you over!

xo dré


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