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10 Active Dates

A couple months ago my husband and I decided to try something new. Every month, we would make sure to have at least 1 date, and we would take turns planning what we would do. So far it’s been really fun and I’ve enjoyed the creativity of our outings!

Our latest date was a 13 mile bike ride. We rode from our house clear down to the end of Waikiki and back. My husband planned this date, and he hit it out of the park! It was the perfect day!

If you like this idea that we are doing, here are 10 active date ideas that you can try with your significant other. Best of all, most of them are free!


  1. Go on a bike ride

This date made me feel like a kid again! You can even race each other if you’re competitive 🙂


2. Go on a hike

There is nothing like unplugging from everything around you and just getting out in some fresh air. Studies have shown that hiking reduces stress you and you’ll have fun adventuring together.

3. Explore your city

Have you ever played tourist in your own city? Walk around and see if there are any shops, restaurants or cafés you’ve never been to before.


4. Pick your own apples

If you live near any U-pick orchards, this is a must-do activity! There is nothing like fresh fruit right off the tree! You’ll have healthy food for your week, or you can be naughty and make an apple crisp or pie.

5. Go on an evening walk

Finished with dinner and getting ready to Netflix and chill? Put the remote down and go on a stroll around the neighborhood first. You can talk about your day, and burn a few extra calories before you veg out the rest of the night.


6. Go sledding

This is another one of those activities that brings out the kid in you. And its really quite surprising how worked out you feel after a few hours of trekking up and down a snowy hill.

7. Do a corn maze

This one will get your minds and your adrenaline going. Plus if you’re a scardy cat like me, you’ll be forced to hold each other the entire time for fear of your life.


8. Go ice skating/ rollerskating

Remember couples skate at the rink when you were younger? It’s still as fun 🙂


9. Go find and cut your own Christmas tree

This is one that I’d like to do at some point, but I’d have to live on the mainland to do it, since there’s a shortage of snowy mountains here. I just think it would be romantic, fun, and full of holiday cheer.


10. Hit the gym

There’s just something about working out together. You push each other to be better and you feel better and look better afterward!


I hope that a few of these ideas spark your interest! Do you have any other fun active date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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I Said Yes…AGAIN

Last week, I shared with you that my 10 year anniversary was on New Year’s Day. The event has now come and gone, but I would love to share a bit of what happened that evening with you!

I’ll start by jumping straight to the evening…you know…the surprise part. After I finished getting ready, we were off to a mystery restaurant. Upon arriving, it was unveiled that we were dining at Azure in Waikiki. Our reservations for two, led us out to a beautiful patio right on the beach.

When we had finished our meal, Ben asked our waiter to take a photo of us over by the palm trees. After a successful snapshot, he asked our server to take just one more. He then proceeded to tell me the most beautiful thing I could hear, and got on his knee to ask me for 50 more years together! Naturally, I said yesssss! I about died when I saw that he got me a black diamond, which I’ve made comments about, but never thought he was listening to me!

The photos aren’t the best since it was so dark out, but I’m so glad that the moment was captured. It was truly one of the best moments of my life!

image image image image image

To style my hair, I used Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter and blew it dry smooth. I then sprayed Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer through my hair before curling my hair with a 3/4″ iron, keeping all the curls going in the same direction. When I finished curling it, I brushed my hair for about 20 minutes (no joke!) and smoothed Matrix Oil Wonders Amazonian Murumuru Controlling Oil through my mid-lengths and ends. The Style Link Heat Buffer has a light hold factor to it, which I found to be the real deal, because my hair held the same style from Friday until Monday!

I’m so happy with how my whole look came together! What do you think?

xo dré


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Ben wore Burberry boots and I wore Abercrombie and Fitch

Surf Vibes

My whole life there is one hobby that I’ve wanted to try. Surfing. Now, one might ask me why I never just went ahead and tried it, and I would respond with, “I was raised in the PNW and am a freak about cold water.” Now however, I am blessed to live in a warm climate with water that’s just to my liking.

This last Saturday, I took my first paddle out on the board. I’m already obsessed. Do you see that little dot out on the water?  That’s me 🙂 Hopefully next time you see a photo of me on a surfboard, you’ll be able to make out my features! I love the shot I got of my husband finishing up a run. Perhaps I should take up photography as well!

It’s safe to say that my family is now in surf mode, and we can’t wait to work on our skills! You can follow my surfboard board on Pinterest if you’d like to stay caught up with my inspiration. Below are a few of my faves.




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Watermelon Crawl














August is always a busy month for me. On top of summertime festivities and back-to-school shopping, both of my girls’ birthdays are six days apart. I love it though! It’s party central at my house.

This last weekend, as part of their celebration, we went to the Honolulu Zoo. The animals were so beautiful! We brought our neighbor girl along for an added companion, which the girls were excited about.

Our day finished at Waikiki Beach, where my husband had his first successful surf run. I took a turn paddling out on the board, but unfortunately I didn’t catch any waves. I’m determined to next time!

This watermelon belt bag I’m wearing is my new obsession. I purchased it locally from Homecoming Honolulu. It’s so fun to wear! What do you think?

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